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What you need to know.

The Application

Spousal sponsorship applications allow a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada to sponsor their spouse or common law partner to come to Canada permanently. With this type of application, the relationship with the spouse has to be genuine.

Documents you need

Documents will need to be provided to prove the genuineness of the relationship. As a sponsor, they are required to provide basic needs for the person that they are sponsoring.

Types of Application

There are two types of Applications for Spousal Sponsorship;

  • Outland Spousal Sponsorship: your application will be processed through the visa office in the sponsored spouse’s country of citizenship or where they legally reside (if outside Canada).  If you and your Spouse/Common-law partner live together in Canada, you can still apply under this category.  Applying under this category will make you eligible to Appeal a refusal. You will not have rights to appeal for an Inland Spousal Application.
  • Inland Spousal Sponsorship (Spouse or Common-Law in-Canada category): your application will be processed in Canada and you and your sponsor MUST live together. The person being sponsored MUST have temporary status in Canada as a worker, student, or visitor.  The person being sponsored may be eligible for an Open Work permit.

Who can you sponsor?

You can sponsor the following persons and their dependent children (21 or younger) for Canadian Permanent Residence.

  • Spouse (husband, wife, partner- marriage must be legally recognized)
  • Common-law Partner (person you are living with but not married to)
  • Conjugal Partner (if your partner does not qualify under the Spouse or Common-Law category but you are in a committed relationship equal to that of a marriage for at least 1 year. There must be extenuating circumstances why you cannot live together- job location, studying abroad, inability to obtain visa to Canada are NOT good enough reasons)

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