OINP Foreign Worker Stream 101

OINP Foreign Worker Stream 101

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The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is an economic immigration program for the province of Ontario. Under this program, Ontario nominates candidates with the right education, work experience, language skills, as well as entrepreneur capabilities, aligned with the province’s economic needs. Nominations are issued to international students, foreign workers, entrepreneurs, and other applicants in the Express Entry pool. On receiving a nomination, applicants can apply to the federal government for their permanent residence applications.

To secure a nomination under the OINP, an applicant should to be qualified under one of the following streams:

  1. Employer job offer
  2. Human capital priorities
  3. Entrepreneur

Employer Job Offer:

The employer job offer category is further divided into three streams:

  1. Foreign worker: workers with job offers in NOC 0, A, or B positions
  2. International student: fresh graduates from universities in Ontario
  3. In-demand skills: intermediate skilled workers

The first step towards securing an OINP nomination is to submit an expression of interest by creating a profile on the OINP e-filing portal. The applicant also needs to fulfill job offer, employer, and other eligibility requirements to secure a nomination certificate from the province of Ontario. Another deciding factor for an OINP nomination is an application’s intention to live and work in the province of Ontario. This is evaluated by the OINP based on several factors, including study and work history, tourism, and familial ties to the province of Ontario.

The Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream is not aligned with the Express Entry program. This stream, therefore, does not qualify for the six-month processing deadline. Usually, most PNPs have a processing time of about a year or more, and due to the current pandemic, these deadlines cannot be considered absolute. However, as having a valid job offer is the most important prerequisite for this stream, there is no eligibility of funds that needs to be proved by the client.

Eligibility Requirements

The Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream has four main categories of eligibility requirements. Let us evaluate each eligibility criterion.

1. Job offer requirements

An applicant needs to have a valid job offer, which fulfills the following conditions:

Type: Full-time (min 30 hours/week; 1,560 hours/year), permanent (no contract validity), and non-seasonal job

Skill level: NOC skill type – O, A, or B

Pay scale: Salary at or above the median wage level for the occupation in the specific region of Ontario

Urgency: Position offered must align with the employer’s immediate business needs

Based in Ontario: Must be primarily based in Ontario

1. Employer requirements
An applicant needs to secure a job offer from an employer that can meet the following requirements:


  1. Must be running an active business in the last three years
  2. Must have business premises in Ontario, where the applicant will be appointed
  3. Must demonstrate that sufficient efforts were made to recruit a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, prior to offering the position to the applicant
  4. Must have no orders outstanding against them under the Occupational Health and Safety Act or the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000


For the most recent fiscal year, the employer must:

  1. Have an annual gross income of at least 1,000,000 CAD and five full-time employees who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, if the applicant will work or report to work inside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  2. Have an annual gross income of at least 500,000 CAD and three full-time employees who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, if the applicant will work or report to work outside the G

2. Applicant requirements

An applicant needs to satisfy the following conditions to get his application approved:

Work experience: An applicant needs to have at least two years of full-time valid work experience in the same NOC code as stated in the valid job offer attached with the application. An applicant also needs to procure a license or other mandatory authorization if the applicant works in a profession that is regulated or licensed.

Intention to reside in Ontario: An applicant needs to declare their intention to live, work, and settle in the province of Ontario, after their permanent residence application is approved.

Maintain legal status: An applicant should be on legal status – study permit, work permit, visitor visa record – while applying for the nomination and should maintain that status until the nomination is approved. An applicant on ‘implied status’ is also eligible to submit his OINP application.

​Invitation to apply: An applicant must submit their paper application within the deadline, after being nominated by the OINP.

Application Fees

The application fee, which includes the processing fee is:

  • $1,500 if the job offer is outside of the GTA
  • $2,000 if the job offer is within the GTA

The accepted methods of payments are Visa or MasterCard debit or credit.


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